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Bronze balustrades, privacy louvres and bi-folding windows create animation and visual interest on Dean Street
 The contrast of the dark and light brick differentiates the retail and residential offers
Rendered aerial view of 81 Dean Street. Zinc clad penthouses with the residential and retail offer below in the heart of Soho.
Glass balustrades and large open penthouse balconies offer stunning views across the roofs of Soho.
Dean Street elevation showing the retail presence at ground floor with residential above.
3 Richmond Buildings elevation showing the glass balustrades, by-folding windows and privacy louvres.
Giving an old building a new lease of life... for the third time, converting it to residential use and reintegrating it into the heart of Soho.
This project gives an old building a new lease of life for the third time, with a mix of uses that will help to integrate it into the fabric of this vibrant part of Soho, providing much needed animation and a strong sense of ownership reinforcing the essential spirit and character of the area. The setting of the site has played a fundamental role in the developing design, informing the grain and punctuation of the building and its presence in the streetscape. The palette of high quality materials and finishes, together with the rich layering of the facades complement its important neighbours, creating a dialogue with those passing by. The shutters to the windows and balustrades provide a human scale of detail whilst also ensuring privacy for those living within in the urban context. The new building will play an active role in the streetscape, with retail and entrances providing much needed animation at ground level, engaging with the passing public and encouraging them to dwell, a recessive boutique feel rather than an aggressive high street presence. The residential accommodation above is in keeping with the character of Soho where the best buildings engage and reveal themselves as you walk by. The recessed windows and layered cladding enhance this effect, changing perspective with movement, adding a richness to Dean Street which presents a significant improvement over adjacent buildings with a simple skin.
Status Completed
Area 2450m² (26389ft²)
Client Dean Street Soho Limited
Project Team Expedition, Hoare LEA, MBDS, MTT Limited, Point2 Surveyors, Spectrum Acoustic Consultants Ltd