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The red leather edition complete with matching stainless steel footrest offers comfort and security.
The edge of each dish is highly polished to catch the light and allow the stool to politely say “try me”.
First prototype showing the highly polished edge of the upper dish.
Forge 316 family range, effortless design and timeless quality products
Classic stool with a fixed top, stainless steel stem and leather upholstered
The wax footrest bracket parts are mounted onto a central feed system
Investment casting former hosting the bracket shape ready for wax injection
Technical drawing for prototype costing.
Section through seat pad showing nylon bearing detail.
Spinning tooling during the prototype phase.
Undestranding the spinning process, such as these tools, is an essential part of the detail design.
Assembly of new prototoype components
Spinning tool for the upper and lower dishes of the stool
“The concept that lays behind Forge 316 is a simple return to classic values – beautifully designed objects that are of a timeless elegance and effortless simplicity”
In 2012 RPP expanded its Product Design portfolio with the design of a bar stool. A simple and elegant piece the design offers a timeless solution that will complement rather than compete with other systems or furniture. The body of the stool is made from two identical satin stainless steel machine spun dishes that in turn form the underside of the seat and the base of the stool. Seamlessly joined by a 42mm diameter stainless steel tube, the edge of each dish is highly polished to catch the light and allow the stool to politely say "try me". The shape of the seat and the dual density of the foam of the pad provide self-centring for the user and offer a sense of security. The seat pad for the prototype is initially in leather and will later be available in other materials. The stool is also assembled with a footrest, which is a beautiful object design through the process of investment casting.
Status Ongoing
Client Robin Partington & Partners
Project Team Davison Highley, Dean Group International, JMR Section Benders Ltd, Shaw Metal Solutions