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Yashin Kemal
T: +44 20 7419 3536
"I like my Architecture the way I like my guitar solos: effortless, dynamic and in the key of C. "
I’m a funny guy and I like to make people laugh. I enjoy working at RPP because we endeavour to have fun in all aspects of studio life from making 1:1 scale mockups to ice sculpting to playing in the office band.

Born and raised in Hertfordshire, I attended St. Edmund’s College whose grounds include a chapel designed by the great architect Augustus Pugin. Experiencing a fabulous building on a daily basis, along with a love for art and graphic design, inspired me to (temporarily) put aside the dreams of becoming a rock star and pursue a career in architecture.

After many travels abroad with family and friends I became interested in cities undergoing rapid-growth and urbanisation. This interest was developed further during my Part II studies where I worked on large-scale urban projects in Beijing and Seoul, including a transport-hub and a dance school. In 2010 I was named ‘Emerging Architect of the Year’ at the International Design Awards in Los Angeles, based on my project for a transport-hub in Beijing.

Prior to joining the RPP team I worked in a range of practices including YRM and Stanton Williams in London, and OMA in Rotterdam. The experiences I have gained along the way have accumulated into a passion for an architecture that is born out of a rigorous and thoughtful design process. I am enjoying implementing this approach on the exciting projects happening at RPP whilst still getting the chance to perfect my guitar solos.