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Vyernu Patel
T: +44 20 7419 3578
"Memory and identity is where the creative process in architecture lies"
Born in Mombasa, Kenya I moved to a very small town in Portugal called Salvaterra de Magos at a very young age. Being educated in Portugal allowed me to grow up in a completely different culture and social background than mine, giving me a wider experience in life.

My passion for Architecture developed from a very young age, influenced by my dad and grandfather who used to take me to visit building sites. Visiting various countries also allowed me to stimulate my curiosity to understand more about different cultures and thier identities and the influence it had on designing buildings and cities.

I graduated with an Integrated Master’s degree from the Faculty of Architecture and Arts of the Lusiada University of Lisbon with my final Academic Dissertation in Architecture titled “Memory and architectural design: Alvaro Siza’s (re)construction of Chiado”.

For the last four and half years I worked at a Lisbon based architecture studio, allowing me to play a key role in the design team by working on residential, offices, hospitality, public and educational projects.

Having experienced working and living in London during a summer internship in 2009, my wish has always been to come back. Looking for a growth in my personal and professional life, I couldn't be integrated in a better team than the one here at RPP.