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Stephane Piazza
T: +44 20 7419 3525
"Seeing what others can’t see is a gift rich of potential."
My story started under the sun of a Corsican beach where abstraction and concepts are not physically expressed. The wild nature, virgin territories and rough materials require the right scale and the right proportion for any added construction.

From there, by contrast, I developed a strong attraction for all kinds of conceptual visual arts and details. After a degree in economics I realised how much I would miss not being an Architect and decided to become one.

Then with strong determination I set up my own company just after school. This experience lasted seven years dealing with private and public clients, lots of international ideas, competitions and working at different levels of scale.

Today, I can measure every day the benefit of having seen the profession as a whole in terms of design, responsibility and management. Moving north to settle in London has always been a dream that became real in 2005 through a family run design practice.

As lead Architect of a minimalistic 1000m² house in Bangkok, I ended up staying there over six months to set up and monitor the local team and the design. To get a bigger picture of the profession I joined Hamiltons Architects focusing on the residential part of the Park House project.

My commitment to see that project built and completed is the main reason why I joined RPP a few months after it was established. Developing strong conceptual designs in a practice with a friendly spirit is a privilege I would like to see continue.