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Robin Partington
T: +44 20 7419 3510
"I enjoy place making, with buildings that engage the senses, celebrating their context, the climate and culture of the people using them."
I grew up in the Northwest of England surrounded by architects and engineers. School holidays spent immersed in heavy engineering and cutting oil nurtured a fascination for the properties of materials, how things are made and a healthy respect for the craftsmanship and skills involved, coupled with a desire to learn.

Talented and enthusiastic tutors at Liverpool University led to me joining Foster Associates in 1984 where I was responsible for a wide range of projects culminating in 30 St Mary Axe in the City of London (the ‘Gherkin’). I joined Hamiltons Architects in 2001 driving its transformation, before the opportunity presented itself to form a new practice in October 2009.

The result is a studio with spirit and character that makes you smile, filled with talented people who are a pleasure to work with, a source of inspiration, boundless energy, ideas, enthusiasm and a great sense of humour, a place with great projects of all kinds and wonderful opportunities where clients and colleagues collaborate in a hugely rewarding process.

The creative side of my life is balanced by diverse interests. Outside the studio, I enjoy travel, good food, wine, wildlife, sailing, diving, flying, skiing, shooting, photography and fireworks (…fond memories of school chemistry lessons !). I collect books, magnolias, trees, minerals, etchings, engraved stamps, paintings and the periodic table. I am also a silversmith, and have two sons who are a source of great pride and endless pleasure.