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Raquel Lopez Fernandez
T: +44 20 7419 3543
"“Creating architecture that speaks for itself gives me great satisfaction”"
My story starts in Burgos, a charming city in the north of Spain, where I spent my childhood playing with Meccano, practising sports and being outside in nature. This was the beginning of my passion for Design and Science.

Studying Architecture at University of Valladolid and one year at Politecnico of Milan taught me that with self-confidence and determination you can face any challenge.

After working professionally in Spain for two years I move to London in 2009 to join DOS Architects. There, I was responsible for looking after a wide range of projects including competitions, master plans, offices and high-end residential. This enabled me to develop, not only my technical skills as an Architect but also to learn how essential it is to follow a strong independent work ethic and teamwork. The success relies on finding the right balance between reliability, collaboration, dedication, productivity and optimism.

Travelling is also part of my learning curve. Visiting different cities and meeting people from different cultures is a very rewarding and educative experience which opens your eyes and makes you realise about the priorities in life. And it is the perfect excuse to take the camera with you to capture these unforgettable moments.

Joining RPP will give me the chance to learn and improve. We have an experienced team here and a really nice working environment.