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Pawel Kochanski
T: +44 20 7419 3569
"Explore, observe, think and learn!"
I was born and grew up in Szczecin, a port city in Northwest Poland. Quite a tongue-twister to pronounce if you are not Polish.

When I was a kid my favourite toys were Lego bricks, and I have spent hours building cities for my little yellow citizens. I used to do it in rather unusual way, first building structures based on my imagination and then drawing the how-to-build instructions, so that I could recreate them later. When I was old and mature enough I decided to study architecture, which allowed me to keep on drawing my plans.

I have graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland, with a Master’s degree in Architecture. During my studies I’ve had a chance to take part in student exchange scholarship and spent whole year living in wonderful Lisbon, studying master programme at Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa. I highly regard the humanistic and social dimension of architecture, and I do believe that it has the power to make a change. Possibility of affecting people’s life is one of the most exciting things in design process, but it also comes with a great responsibility.

Apart from architecture I am a passionate traveller, trying to explore the World “on a shoestring”. That goes very well along with my other hobby which is photography. It helps me to keep all the good memories.

I am a new member of wonderful RPP team and I am really excited about being a part of such a creative and inspiring community.