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Paul Leader-Williams
T: +44 20 7419 3598
"Never stop learning."
I was born in the UK but spent much of my childhood in Tanzania, snorkelling on the coral reefs just outside our garden gate, or on safari in the National Parks where my father worked. These experiences have given me a love of landscape and environment which continues to this day and which helps to inform everything that I do.

Interested in design and making from an early age, a career in architecture was always likely. I studied for my Part 1 at the Bartlett in London, a hugely exciting place, and a school that taught me new ways of looking at architecture, and introduced a new rigour to my design work.

I am constantly curious about the world around me and have always needed to know how things work, a learning process that continues to this day. I am fascinated by sustainable and social architecture, and believe passionately that good architecture is more important than ever. Trying to balance the needs and desires of people, cities and the environment is both a science and an art, and working at RPP gives me the chance to explore and create in both fields, while learning from the talented and experienced people all around me.