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Nadia Grudinina
T: +44 20 7419 3599
"“Every experience is an opportunity to grow.”"
I was always taught that you should do what you love. The answer to “what will you be when you grow up” changed as my world expanded. First it was a ballerina, next an artist and later an archaeologist. But when it came time to decide what I truly wanted out of life, none of these seemed well rounded enough for me. Then I discovered the answer: art + science + history = architecture.

I spent six years studying at Bath, starting as a young student staring at CAD, wondering what I’d gotten myself into, and growing into a person with a passion for design.

Throughout my study, I was lucky enough to work at three different practices of varying size. My first foray into the working environment was spent working on listed buildings and housing schemes in Southampton. After a brief revisit to University I lived in Paris for six months, experiencing the workings of a large international architectural firm and learning French (GCSE French was not as useful as expected!). My final placement was with a landscape firm in Bath, where I got a feel for different projects and design team scales through working on masterplans, podium gardens and competitions.

I jumped at the chance to join RPP because having seen their work and their people I recognised a practice that encourages both professional and personal development. There is such a range of expertise and with that comes a wonderful opportunity for me to grow and flourish as I head towards the exciting unknown that is the future.