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Martin Skarback
T: +44 20 7419 3540
"A city without surprises is like a night without dreams"
Growing up in Sweden I built scale models, made from foam board, of James Bond's villain lairs. I was always striving to combine my favorite subjects, art and maths.
Eventually I left Sweden for Scotland to pursue “the last academic profession with a socialist touch”, as one of my best friends put it.

Between trips to the Highlands, ceilidh-dancing and whisky tasting, my Part 1 in Edinburgh consisted of theatrical projects ranging from film-libraries to dystopian prisons and sauna distilleries.
During my placement year I lived in two contrasting oil-boom countries: Norway and Ghana. This is the period where I discovered two important things in life, firstly appreciating the value of a good coffee machine, and secondly, construction site diplomacy.

With a new found determination, and a good coffee machine, I begun my Part 2 back in Edinburgh. My Part 2 consisted of two projects: the first exploring the poetry and rationality of Arctic Circle urbanisation and the second dealt with the forces of the Baltic Sea in relation to people with dementia and age-friendliness.

Combining teamwork and strong process-orientation, RPP struck me immediately as an office with the right attitude. Still a rookie within the office, I am looking forward to learning from all the inspiring talents around me.

When time allows it, nothing relaxes me more than playing tennis in the summer evenings, The Doors’ debut album or some Leone/ Morricone spaghetti-western.