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Mark Williams-Jones
T: +44 20 7419 3537
"What could be more beautiful than a simple solution to a complex problem?"
I have always been torn between the arts and more scientific subjects, but in the end architecture has allowed me to bring together my creative and analytical sides. I think this is why I‘m fascinated by the detail and beauty of well-made things. I have an insatiable curiosity about how things were made or why they have turned out as they have. It could be any scale, from making an ill-loved corner of a city more engaging to the smallest detail in a piece of elegant joinery, or finding a graceful solution to a structural problem.

My inquisitiveness means that I am drawn to the vibrancy and variety of cities. The speed at which they evolve, constantly offering new places to explore and experience makes them great places to be. This is why I’m drawn to a metropolis as rich and diverse as London, a city that continues to surprise me.

RPP offers a great environment which encourages exploring design in a multitude of ways, nurturing attention to detail and inquisitiveness. Be it 1:1 mock-ups in card and masking tape to complex 3D computer models or yellow trace sketching, the opportunity to solve problems and look for beautiful solutions means I am happy in what I do.