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Laura Foster
T: +44 20 7419 3570
"Determination, passion and perseverance: Anything is achievable with the right attitude, and the right people surrounding and supporting you."
I grew up on the north west coast of England and spent much of my upbringing either at the theatre or dancing; passions that I still pursue whenever the opportunity arises. However it was my love of art, mathematics and a general fascination with buildings that drove me to study architecture.

Throughout both my studies and working life thus far, my most fervent interest in architecture has always been largely on an anthropological level. I enjoy exploring human reaction to the built environment and the user’s interaction with the building on a personable level. This fascination with people and place making has taken me around the world; from South African safari to American road trips, from snowy Romanian communes to the backstreets of Bilbao. I enjoy the perspective that travelling brings, alongside the knowledge and insight into how people operate and live in varied and differing environments.

I have studied in both London and Oxford, and recently lived in Liverpool prior to joining RPP. Living in these varied cities has given me a broad comprehension of diverse architectural styles and practices; however London has always held a special place and I am excited to be able to explore this stimulating and diverse city once again.

RPP’s excellent reputation drew me to apply and I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to work within such an exciting practice.