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Juliette Moore
T: +44 20 7419 3501
"Architecture has a focus on human reaction and interaction; it is thought provoking and enhances the surrounding locality and lives of its users"
Living in Abu Dhabi as a teenager, I witnessed the construction of many incredible structures- examples of the physical extremities of what architecture can achieve. I became fascinated wondering how long the buildings would take to be finished and what the final project would look like.
Returning home to Northern Ireland my interest in Architecture remained unchanged and I studied for my Part I at Queen’s University Belfast, enjoying the creative aspects of our projects whilst symbiotically developing a strong technical awareness. Northern Ireland’s diverse landscape alongside Belfast’s historical past provided a thought provoking basis for our course and allowed me to recognise the importance of context based place-making at varying scales.

I spent half of my summers gaining work experience in architecture firms in Belfast- and the other half spending my wages travelling. Before starting at RPP I spent my summer at ECN University in Shanghai, where I took full advantage of the opportunity to explore my temporary home as much as I could.

Eager to experience life in another new place, I chose to complete my placement year in London. As a creative practice with an innovative and unique response to design I was very excited to start working at RPP, encouraged by the inviting and integrated office environment. I am keen to learn more about the technical reality of architecture and its influence on design through the diverse upcoming projects and from those around me.