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Hannah Danks
T: +44 20 7419 3518
"Working at RPP allows me to develop my interest in architecture and urban design, and how they can come together to improve the cities we live in."
Growing up in rural Oxfordshire and spending childhood holidays in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, I developed a love for natural history and the outdoors.

Aged 12 I set my heart on becoming an architect. Initially, this ambition was based on a love for buildings and understanding how things work, but as I progressed through my education I found many more reasons why architecture was for me. These ranged from it allowing me to combine my interest in maths and the sciences with my creative capabilities, to enabling me to work in a sector that can bring about long-term positive change to people’s lives.

I began my architectural studies back in 2008 at The University of Nottingham, where I enjoyed learning more about the subject and its many complexities, as well as experiencing living in a city for the first time.

After completing my undergraduate studies I spent 2 years working in a small architectural practice and travelling, before continuing my studies at The Cass where I developed my interest in buildings, cities and people by studying spatial planning and urban design alongside architecture. My thesis, London’s Public Open Spaces: Benefits Deficiencies and Suggestions, was an amalgamation of my interests in the city and the outdoors, exploring how and why Londoners must be given access to public open spaces.

Outside of architecture I enjoy escaping London to explore and walk both hills and cities, returning with ideas and experiences I can apply to my work.