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Garis Iu
T: +44 20 7419 3577
"There is no harmony when everyone is playing the same note"
Since a young age I have always been a curious sort. I find joy in making things - as a child I would often take things apart (my parents did not like this!) to build my own inventions. The process of transcending an idea into physical form and understanding how things are put together have always fascinated me. It was inevitable that I would take an interest in architecture; a practice that involves reinvention and is ever-evolving to reflect the needs and values of time.

My architectural journey began at the University of Bath and continued at the University of Westminster, where the Part II course helped push my creativity and allowed me to develop an interest in parametric design and an appreciation of materials.

After winning the RPP Material Practice award, I decided to join the family. Parallel to great opportunities and promising personal development, I have been working alongside talented and sociable peers who are as enthusiastic about their work as I am - this warm and positive environment has been absolutely motivating and uplifting.

Outside of architecture, I am an absolute music fanatic - making music is just as fun as making architecture. I also enjoy swimming, travelling and taking pretty snaps. I tend to spend a lot of time in water and around rocks - sometimes I wonder if I was born a toad...