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Ellen Faulkner
T: +44 20 7419 3506
"Building design extracts clues and inspiration from the surrounding context and culture in order to create a familiar yet new sense of place."
I grew up in the Northwest of England and have always surrounded myself with creativity. A keen interest in Art coupled with a passion for problem solving led to an interest in Architecture from an early age. My school art projects were often based around architecture and the representation of fashion and art within architecture.

I completed my Part 1 at the University of Nottingham. My final year projects came together to create a master plan for Thamesmead, London which focused on transport, retail and residential aspects. My team and individual projects at Nottingham often addressed real problems and were designed from first principles. They have always been underpinned by a powerful idea that relates to the contextual issues, including transport issues, redundant buildings, the use of fossil fuels, cultural and ‘clone town’ issues.

In 2016 I had the rewarding opportunity to design a school to be built in rural South Africa. During Easter I travelled to South Africa to participate in its construction. This was a unique experience as an architectural student; seeing one of your own designs be built before graduating was a source of great pride and was hugely rewarding to see the local school children enjoy a building you designed with them in mind. It was also great to get a hands on experience with the materials and the problem solving involved with the actual building of a project. We had to make many on-site design changes under pressure due to challenges such as unexpected brick sizes and delivery timescales. We had group discussions to solve problems quickly, reach the best solution and work efficiently as a team in a real environment with real pressures.

My holidays are often spent skiing, meeting with friends, spending time with my family, visiting new places and meeting new people. I also seek great pleasure from hand drawing and exploring materials.

I have taken the leap and moved to London seeking a practice which sparks creativity and innovation while being a place which offers great opportunities and a friendly environment. I am very much looking forward to this next year and being a part of the RPP team.