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Douglas Qiming Yang
T: +44 20 7419 3507
"Design is a journey to find balance "
Growing up in a little town, Guilin, in the south of China, I was surrounded by its unique breath taking landscapes, which intrigued me deeply into developing my art skills from a very young age. After moving to Australia at the age of 14, I was lucky to have a resourceful school supplying me endless art materials, in which I discovered myself through paintings.

During my years in the Bartlett School of Architecture, where I completed my Part I, I challenged myself to explore a variety of tools and methods to express design ideas, from hand drawing to computer visualization, and from crafting physical models to testing forms through digital simulation. My studies prepared me well to start my architectural career with RPP.

Been welcomed by the friendly colleagues and various exciting ongoing projects scattered around the UK, I immediately found myself at home with RPP.
My hope, in the coming year, is to is to make a valuable contribution, full heartedly, to the RPP ethos: built around people. I look forward to being learning new techniques and aspects of architecture I have not yet dabbled, in time, expanding and advancing my understanding in architecture, working towards my Part II studies.

Outside of the studio, my friends know me as the mixologist, the protein head, and a caffeine addict. I am also a photographer and a world traveler, all these are my perfect combination for a work-life balance.