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Diego Flumian
T: +44 20 7419 3542
"A comedian does funny things. A good comedian makes things funny."
From the natal Italian North-East, I left propelled by curiosity and landed in The Big Smoke, where I got stuck with the business of evolving. After going through the compulsory rites of passage (partying, studying, experiencing, having lots of disparate jobs) I started to grow roots.

When I began at RPP I was a naive anthropologist/translator who had not yet encountered the Architects tribe and did not speak their language. However, after some time of studying and living in contact with the tribe, I started to be more conversant with their idiom. We became friends.

My realms:

Diego’s Bar (aka RPP’s Bar, but really… it’s Diego’s): a place for quiet meditation and animated discussion, creativity bursts and hunger attacks, coffee drinking and beer guzzling. Notable features of the Bar are the pallid team members in the morning, a beastly LaMarzocco Strada to pull a perfect espresso and a rather ‘all over the place’ barista (who could that be?) who will try to make you feel welcome whether you like it or not.

The Sample Library: a place populated with architectural materials which I order, catalogue, hide, conserve, curate, lend and more often than not hunt back when they get kidnapped by predatory team members. The same members that I help with their quest for the right material. Or with dealing with too many hopeful suppliers. Or with getting interesting companies down the studio for an introduction.

And the story goes on…