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Antonia Hajdu
T: +44 20 7419 3500
"You can reach everything you want with hard work, passion and the right attitude"
I grew up in the busy capital of Hungary, Budapest. Being an only child I had the advantage of having the undivided attention of my parents which made me become the person I am today. I have been taught to live my dreams and that I can reach anything with hard work and passion.

The passion for travelling and discovering new cuisines contributed my decision of starting my higher education studies at the field of economics in tourism and hospitality. After my third year of college I had the fantastic experience of a scholarship in Belgium with many international students from all over Europe. This was the push I needed to make a decision for life and move to London.

I started my career in luxury retail in the prestigious district of Knightsbridge and then with a sudden change ended up working as a bicycle courier. Went to the best places and got to know this amazing city even more. The common element was that I did both with passion and drive for perfection and this is my main motivation in my current college studies in accountancy also.

I feel honoured to be part of the team at Robin Partington and Partners. I clearly remember the day when I was invited for my interview. I was really excited and rather happy as I knew that it was a place where I would come to work filled with excitement and a friendly smile every day.