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Angus Bolland
T: +44 20 7419 3509
"Good architecture creates endless opportunities"
Born and raised in Perth (Scotland), as a child I was always interested in adventures and exploring. From hiking in the Scottish Highlands to constructing a “turtle sanctuary” in the Amazon.

Architecture as a discipline combines my passions for artistic expression and assembly. Creating opportunities and moments of beauty which enrich everyday life.

I competed both my Part I and Part II studies at the University of Edinburgh. My Thesis project was to design a new Urban centre on Athens’ neglected Olympic site. The project allowed me to combine my sporting interests within a rigorous design process.

Having both studied and worked in Edinburgh for the last six years it has become my home away from home. The city has a fascinating historic urban fabric which I love. I have even worked out the best way to negotiate the Fringe Festival every Summer!

For my next adventure, I have joined Robin Partington and Partners and moved to London. I continue to develop my architectural skills, learn from my colleagues and work towards completing my Part III. I'm also enjoying getting lost in my new city.

What is it about RPP? It's the company ethos...built around people..., their elegant design solutions shaping the city’s urban environment, the practice as a whole and the individual teams, all of which I am excited to be a part of.