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Alejandro Botero
T: +44 20 7419 3532
"Affecting people’s lives positively is a great responsibility. A small design mistake can potentially make an experience unpleasant."
I was born and grew up in the heart of Colombia’s coffee region, in a small city very dependent on its surrounding landscape. I left at the age of 18 to undertake my university studies at the capital of Colombia, Bogota. After five years of architectural training, my experiences were shattered by an earthquake that partly destroyed my home town in 1999. Although a lot of help was received, not much of what was envisaged came to be realised.

Because I was able to help, I stayed there for a couple of years. My first designs were a single-family house set in the countryside and a low-cost housing development for people affected by the earthquake. I learned a lot and I got my hands dirty more than once on site.

Then as a project architect I developed some residential projects in the same region until 2004. I left again, this time to study an MA in Landscape Urbanism at the AA with the help of a scholarship.

My experience in London has been a rewarding one, so far. I have seen projects right up to completion and some of them have transformed this city. The King’s Cross Northern Ticket Hall and concourse, St. Andrews Masterplan, Hinkley Point C to name a few. I joined Robin Partington Architects in October 2011, after working for A&M and YRM.

Knowing that very little of our world, especially the developing part of it, is planned by architects, makes the way I approach my everyday work more realistic. But don’t take me wrong… my daily motivations are driven by a constant belief that being in the right place at more or less the right time can make the difference.