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The legendary RPP Ski trip returns for 2017!
February 15, 2017

In what is fast becoming a strong contender for RPP trip of the year (did someone say 'Move over Summer Party'?!) January 2017 saw a team of 14 strong head off to Chamonix, France for the annual RPP Ski trip. 

While it would be a lie to say we returned completely unharmed (George and Gio) it would be fair to say all new speeds were reached (George's 111kmph!), new heights were climbed (atop the Glacier d'Argentiere at 3,275m) and few non-skiers have since been converted (Michael and Christian)!
Courage of the trip goes to Conor - who attempted his first black run and lived to tell the tale, most improved skier goes to Sarah who cruised down those red runs with ease, and hidden talent of the trip goes to Alex who managed to skilfully part ways with his snowboard from the heights of chairlift!  

James tried some snow-shoeing and loved it, Christian finally discovered how to turn right and we all ate way too much food…homemade cheese fondue anyone?!

All in all an awesome trip, it’s a shame we have to wait another year for the next one!