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RPP's Corporate Social Responsibility
February 13, 2017

RPP's Corporate Social Responsibility Team have been working hard over the past few months to pull together all of the important things we do as a practice, which contribute to life both inside and outside of the studio. 

We have divided our responsibilities as a studio into four key areas: Our people, charity work, the environment and community. Although these four key strands often overlap, by dividing our efforts we were able to assess everything we are currently achieving as a practice. This has allowed us not only to celebrate our efforts, but also to work out how we can build upon what we are already accomplishing! 

The work of our Corporate Social Responsibility Team has resulted in a new series of pages on the Café section of our website; outlining our practice ethos and what we do as a studio.

We see this as a kick starter as we move forward further into 2017, with the studio keen to continue with our many bake sales, charity runs, student support sessions and our recycling drive. So watch this space for more updates, and, please, if you hear the bell ring in our café take a piece of cake and join in the studio fun!