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Mixed Netball Derby : The Match Report
July 29, 2016

Last Thursday one of the hotly contested rivalries in the office was fought out finally with ball and chest passes in the East vs West mixed netball match.

The Westsiders started on the front foot, showing the power of teamwork and preparation with their coordinated bright pink ‘West Side is the Best Side’ t shirts. But could their over-confident attitude be matched by their skills on the netball court?

Despite a loose understanding of the rules for some players the match began at a fearsome pace. At the end of the first quarter the Westside had taken an early lead, thanks in part to a wonder shot from 3m out by Chris Johnson.

By the halfway point the Eastsiders had brought it within one goal and it was all to play for. The match proved to be a physical encounter, with leaps, dives and tumbles and plenty of penalties for contact. Special mention goes to Charlotte Henney for sustaining two injuries; a swollen, bruised ring finger and a ball to the face courtesy of Mark Williams-Jones. Play on, said the umpire.
In the last quarter, with the Eastsiders still chasing, Pawel Kochanski's pass of the match (a cheeky bounce-pass into the circle) led to another goal and gave the Westsiders a comfortable margin. The final score : West 10 - East 6

Amidst shouts of a rematch from an inconsolable Michael Whitwell the group headed to the pub for a few celebration/commiseration drinks. A great evening was had by all, with some of the guys inspired to join with the girls and sign up for a mixed netball league. Our unreliable softballer Rob Nolan may have even found his sporting calling as Goal Keeper.

Thanks to everyone for getting involved and to the umpires for their calm amongst the chaos. I guess it has been proven that West Side is the Best Side! (for now…)