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December 17, 2015
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January 5, 2015

RPP Summer Party 2015...What Do The Squirrels Have In Store?
July 9, 2015

Today, at 4:30pm, the studio will close for the famous RPP Summer Party.

The Secret Squirrel Society - the internal team chosen to throw covert celebrations - have been squirreling away for the past few months organising a totally top secret party in a totally top secret location.

All we know is that we need to have our passports in hand (along with a few vague items shown above) and be ready to be whisked away by the Squirrels until Saturday lunchtime.
We will reveal all upon our return on Monday 13th July, so please check back here then!

Our studio will be closed from 16:30pm on Thursday 9th July 2015 and for all of Friday 10th July. We will be open as usual next Monday 13th from 8:30am!