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Café / La Marzocco Strada MP Coffee Machine
The La Marzocco Strada MP in our café is one of the most celebrated machines known for producing delicious coffee, and it has a fascinating heritage.

In the first quarter of the last century, Italy saw several attempts at manufacturing machines to make “espresso” coffee. In 1927 the Bambi brothers founded "Officina Fratelli Bambi" to produce espresso coffee machines. The company's earliest machines were branded "Fiorenza" (Florence) and shortly thereafter, the name "il Marzocco" (the heraldic lion of Florence) was adopted.

In 1939, Giuseppe Bambi proposed the first espresso machine with a horizontal boiler, where brew groups could be arranged in line, simplifying the movements and operations for the Barista. In 1970, La Marzocco produced the first machine in the world with two boilers.

Because the two main functions of an espresso machine is the brewing of espresso and steam production, each requiring different temperatures, having just one boiler producing two different heat levels affects the thermal stability of the machine.

However, our coffee machine circulates the water in two specialized circuits, each with its own boiler where steam is readily available at the desired temperature, without interfering with the water used for espresso production.

Dedicated coffee boilers and pressure gauges for each brew group, provide Diego with feedback on coffee boiler pressure throughout the extraction, indicating any inconsistencies in the grind, dose or tamp.

The mechanical paddle gives Diego direct control over water flow and pressures via an internal valve, thus allowing the application of progressive pressure to control the soft pre-infusion so that he can bring out the best of the coffee blends.

Diego would be happy to help you to learn how to make your own coffee, just the way that you like it.

"You can learn a technique, but you can only develop passion through dedication, love, pride and respect in your work." Piero Bambi.