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Café / Fruit
We provide delicious fresh seasonal fruit for you to enjoy in the café. Delivered with care every day, these fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and many phyto-nutrients (plant derived micronutrients), and as part of a balanced diet they can help our bodies stay fit and healthy !

Fruits are low in calories and fat and are a source of simple sugars, fibre, and vitamins. They also provide plenty of soluble dietary fibre, which helps to ward off harmful cholesterol and fats from the body. They contain many anti-oxidants like poly-phenolic flavonoids, vitamin-C, and anthocyanins, compounds that help to protect against oxidant stress, developing our capacity to fight against ailments by boosting our immunity levels. Many fruits, when compared to vegetables and cereals, have very high anti-oxidant value, measured by their "Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity" or (ORAC).

Anthocyanins are a particularly helpful flavonoid category of poly-phenolic compounds found in some "blue-fruits" which are rich in blue pigments that are often concentrated just underneath the skin, like blue-black grapes, mulberries, acai berry, blueberries and blackberries offering many health benefits.