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Café / Corporate Social Responsibility: Our People
Our people and those we work with are central to our core values. ‘Built Around People’ captures the spirit of the practice and our approach, and is the maxim our studio’s success is built upon.

We endeavour to foster a sense of ownership within the practice, ensuring everyone can contribute to, and benefit from the growth and success of the company. It is the energy they bring to the studio, and the buzz this generates which our clients like so much. So when our people are here, we aim to make it as rewarding as we can.

Ensuring a sense of well being amongst staff...

The studio is stimulating, light and bright and at its heart is the café: an informal space to catch up with colleagues and friends, enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and fresh fruit to keep you healthy. It encourages the cross fertilisation of ideas and expertise, adding to the buzz and chemistry of the place.

Creating a work / life balance...

The studio enjoys a summer and winter party each year, an opportunity to change perspective, a time to relax and talk to those outside your project, and reinforce the team spirit.

Our variety of sports teams encourage our team to unwind and foster relationships both inside and outside of the office.

Providing a sense of ownership...

We build a culture of creativity and energy where the studio is an ideal place for personal improvement and professional growth, encouraging a strong sense of ownership of projects and the Company.

We build our people, promoting individuality within a team spirit. Our employees are partners in our business; it is personal.

Encouraging personal development...

The structure of the Company encourages the nurturing of individuals, helping them to grow by acquiring skills, abilities and expertise as part of the learning process. No two career paths will be the same, we are all different, with each going at a pace that suits their temperament and circumstance.

Everybody is encouraged to apply and transfer that knowledge, effectively buoyed up by the resultant growth of the individuals within the teams that they work with. We are only as good as the people we work with, we listen and learn; it is about inspired teamwork.