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Café / Corporate Social Responsibility: Environment
Our environment is substantially affected by the way in which we construct and use our buildings, heat and cool our surroundings, and procure and deliver architecture.

Incorporating environmental principles within our designs...

Issues surrounding sustainability are an integral part of everything that we do. Each project is tuned around the most appropriate solutions to particular problems and issues, driving best value in environmental terms.

Our detailed knowledge and understanding of environmental principles and systems drives our building designs. This enables a seamless transition from design through construction to completion and the informed use of a building in practice, so that environmental principles are integral to the final building and not an after thought.

Encouraging environmental responsibility within the studio...

We endeavour to foster a sense of ownership and shared environmental responsibility within the studio. The team work hard through office wide recycling, composting and a cycle to work scheme to decrease our environmental footprint and create a sense of awareness.

An increase in staff awareness, alongside in-house training, encourages a sense of environmental responsibility. This awareness and commitment to improved environmental performance is then translated into our design work through discussion with suppliers and clients.