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Café / Competition
The studio recently ran a cake building competition that explored the hitherto unrecorded structural qualities of Victoria Sponge cake. This remarkable material could be reinforced in a number of ways including the application of an outer icing sugar monocoque shell.

Sadly, seismic slippage in and around the jam layer led to an overstressing of the outer skin, which then required the insertion of structural reiforcement in the form of a cardboard drawing tubedown down the middle.

As the cake grew in stature and our understanding of cake techtonics improved, we soon had to find alternative construction techniques as we ran out of cake, with the upper sections relying more heavily on the Roman rubble method of construction, substituting jam and thick double cream for the traditional lime mortar, binding offcuts of cake that were left on the table onto the top of the pile.

The final results were certainly memorable if not vaguely edible....