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Café / Band
RPA has its very own band, a group of extremely talented and enthusiastic musicians who are slowly getting used to the idea of playing the same song, at roughly the same time as each other, give or take a beat or two....

They have succesfully hosted a number of gigs, initially receiving a warm welcome and rave reviews at events in our very own café, which clearly boosted their confidence sufficient to take on the challenge of playing to a much wider audience at the now infamous Construction Rocks, Battle of the Bands Concert in October 2012.

The evening started well, and despite a few 'lumpy' initial numbers, they finished with a flourish, to rapturous applause and a shower of ladies underwear, thrown on stage by delerious supporters, a factor that was sadly missed by the panel of judges.....

New members have to pass strict vetting procedures before being accepted. Providing you can whack something with a stick and make a noise, you're in....volunteers will be enthusiastically embraced by the teams spirit which is kept in the fridge during rehearsals. Musical ability is apparently optional.