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Café / 2011 Company Review
A large coach arrived at the studio and the whole office piled in, taking us across London to a vast warehouse in a remote corner, close to the River Thames in the East. On arrival, Formula 1 memorabilia lined the wall of the main entrance, reception area and briefing rooms, but before we could get our hands on the horsepowers, we had our annual review, with Stephen Williams our accountant giving everybody a summary of the highlights of our financial year.

We then went for the race briefing which included much needed elf (Shaula) and safety information, with an explanation of the race to come. Teams of two would undertake an hour long Le Mans style endurance race with the winning team completing the most laps over the next hour, which had to include changing drivers so that each person had two sessions....with great skill required to minimise the time taken to change drivers, as others whizzed by.

After the first few laps it was quite clear that the carts were capable of speeds far in excess of the drivers abilities, power slides and tactics were the order of the day, with red hot brakes and resultant brake fade to be avoided. There was lots of gentle nudging around corners, late braking shunts, spins.... and the odd red and black flag for the worst sinners.

It is interesting to note that after an exhausting hour and the end of the race, the female of the species held the majority on the podium, and much needed food and lubrication soon arrived. A brilliant day !