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Sarah Collingwood
T: +44 20 7419 3511
"Our profession is driven by the simple desire to solve problems in the most elegant way"
Architects are sometimes described as jacks of all trades, so perhaps it is wanting to do a bit of everything that led me to this career. Growing up with a variety of interests from the creative (drawing, music, theatre) to the logical (maths, puzzles, board games!) the opportunity to combine the two disciplines made architecture a natural choice.

I studied for both my undergraduate and masters at the Welsh School of Architecture. As a student fresh out of A Levels the course appealed to me as it was largely studio-based and taught an approach that had an emphasis on place and the ‘making’ of architecture. Through the teaching I was encouraged to develop my hand-drafting and modelling skills, not only as a tool of representation but as a method for progressing ideas. In addition the first year of the master course is taught part time whilst working in industry, which was an incredibly valuable ‘shortcut’ between architectural education and practice despite having to work in my evenings and weekends.

After an enjoyable year working at RPP in my year out I returned post-Masters in October 2013. Since then I have primarily worked on the redevelopment of the Sloane School building in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. This project gave me fantastic exposure to working with listed buildings, and also gave me the on-site experience needed to complete my professional qualification.