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Lindsay Griggs
T: +44 20 7419 3550
"When nothing is certain, anything is possible."
Initially, the only thing I was sure of was my creativity. At school I lived in the art department; always drawing, creating, shaping and making. When I combined this with my love for learning and problem solving (thanks to my engineer father) it’s not really surprising that I arrived at Architecture.

Studying in Manchester provided a sharp contrast to the rustic charm of the sleepy Somerset town I grew up in, opening my eyes to its industrially emergent cityscape and cosmopolitan architectural position in the North of England. I developed a specific interest into how intelligent design has the power to positively respond to societal problems. I love that architecture can be a positive agent for social engagement, physically constructed through living, working platforms that enhance the way we live every day.

I embarked upon a problem solving and learning experience of an entirely different kind as I finished University and set off travelling 18 months ago. My inquisitive nature took me to the breath-taking Canadian mountains and down through the Americas before setting out to explore the gorgeous landscapes of New Zealand.

Travelling is not just good for the soul, but also provides transferable skills that I can now apply professionally at RPP. I joined the company to work with a studio that cares as much about its projects as it does about its team. We are actively encouraged to keep learning to become the best we can be, and the work coming out is testament to this.