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Karen Botting
T: +44 20 7419 3503
"You have to do a least one kind thing a day to make a difference."
I was born in Kenya and had the most magical childhood with the African plains as my back garden and the shadow on Mount Kilimanjaro on my doorstep.

I left school at 18 and have learnt my ‘trade’ by working within various sectors and learning on the job. I set up a communications Company (alongside two other partners) and for the last 20 years or so I was the Finance Director. Seeing a business grow from 3 to 146 people was a challenging yet rewarding experience.

Alongside this role I brought up two very individual daughters of whom I am very proud and I count as my proudest achievement to date.

I felt drawn to RPP as a young business as it gave me the same excitement as my previous Company had on starting out. I have enjoyed the opportunity to put into practice my range of skills to enable the Studio to go from strength to strength. The growth of the Studio is a good challenge on a personal and professional level.

RPP is definitely a dynamic and happy team and I enjoy the perks of the job - not to mention the opportunity of singing in the RPP band.

Charity work is something which I am passionate about and my spare time is spent volunteering for the charity School-Aid which recycles school books and sends them to villages in Africa. In 2009 I worked in Mombasa to help build a toilet block and teach basic reading and writing skills to school children.

I am happy that RPP has also supported my volunteering role for the 2012 Olympics, a role which I am very proud of.