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George Bradford-Smith
T: +44 20 7419 3594
"A building should always have a consequential dialogue with its surroundings"
My regular exposure to landscape design at a young age gave me an initial platform later on in my life, moving from documenting a scene using a variety of pen techniques at the beginning of college, to becoming more enthusiastic about developing my design skills and understanding the important relationship between architecture and the landscape.

This led me to study three years of architecture at Northumbria University where I developed a multitude of transferable skills, including accurately understanding a project's context and collaborating within a team to visually convey design ideas. These methods were applied to university proposal's that were varied including timber crafted urban projects and productive seascape destinations, allowing me to gather a broad spectrum of architectural routes. This wide range of architectural paths with a specific enjoyment for the urban realm was solidified by the lively and creative atmosphere I discovered through summer professional experiences within small London based practices, thus providing further development on my architectural skill set.

It took until my final year of my Part 1 degree for architecture to really become an ardor, engrossing myself into the design projects, giving myself an opportunity to hypothetically improve the built environment. This collaborative focus on enhancing people's experiences within buildings led me to Robin Partington & Partners, a firm that understands the importance of designing for people.