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Garis Iu
T: +44 20 7419 3577
"There is no harmony when everyone is playing the same note."
Growing up in Hong Kong I was surrounded by skyscrapers. Within the compact urban fabric, glimpses of modern architecture through gaps and recesses in-between buildings would always catch my eyes.

Since a young age I have always found joy in making things, whether clay figurines, or simply taking stationaries apart (more like breaking…) and building my own inventions – the process of transcending an idea into physical form has always fascinated me. It was inevitable that I would take an interest in architecture; a practice that involves reinvention and reflects the needs and values of time.

The Part I sandwich course at the University of Bath had prepared me well in allowing my practical experience to be regularly interwoven with academic study, while the Part II studies at the University of Westminster was particularly rewarding, where I graduated with distinction as well as winning various competitions and awards.

Following an office tour at RPP it had always been my intention to join. Parallel to great opportunities and promising personal development, to be able to work alongside such talented people who are enthusiastic about their work in a warm and positive environment is absolutely motivating and uplifting.

Outside of architecture I am an absolute music fanatic, I particularly enjoy live music and songwriting; like architecture, I feel that music is an art that involves the inside and is able to influence and inspire.