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Francesca Merton
T: +44 20 7419 3596
"It's not what you do, it's how you manage it that counts"
Growing up with a brother 6 years younger than me had the happy side effect of nurturing my unhealthy lego fetish until well into my teens. I secretly loved his clumsiness, it allowed me to continuously dream up new and more complex structures.

At school I loved the why of art and the how of science. I began my further education by studying engineering, getting a masters and working in modern fortification on the way.

After completing a graduate placement at an architectural engineering firm in London, I went for a placement at a Notting hill based architecture firm. It was here that I really fell in love with architecture.

From then there hasn't been much time to pause, I spent a year at Kingston University, completing a Part 1 in architecture. I was very lucky with my tutors, from 6a architects. They introduced me to a whole new side of materials and structure that I had never dreamed of as an engineer. I co-project managed a Japanese temple with them for the London Festival of Architecture along side the rest of an incredible studio of students.

I continue to work on my engineering skills on the board of Conport, with my father, producing shelter after disaster. I study at the London School of Architecture. Here they are pioneering a new style of education, while researching the role of architecture in modern society. Robin Partington and Partners are very generously sponsoring me through this, while I work on completing my Part 2 alongside projects in the office