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Chris Johnson
T: +44 20 7419 3554
"The notion of creating a space that has the potential to have a positive and lasting impact on others is extremely rewarding."
I was born in Perth, Western Australia, and have enjoyed growing up in the relaxed pace of the city. From a young age my passions lied in music and drama. In hindsight there were always inclinations towards design, with many hours spent erecting complex Lego cities. Technical graphics units in high school opened my eyes to the creative possibilities of architecture as a profession. My love of music was not wasted, as I soon began to discover the similarities between composing a symphony and developing a design concept.

I began my Architectural studies at the University of Western Australia in 2006. With the majority of our studio projects sited in and around the Perth CBD, I began to appreciate how much potential the city had. I was fortunate to spend my first three years post university working at HASSELL, who were at the forefront of some of the most exciting developments in Perth and interstate. Working within multi-disciplinary teams allowed me to collaborate with Landscape Architects, Planners and Interior Designers – giving me the opportunity to develop design solutions for complex projects with experts from related disciplines.

For all the growth at home, London provides completely different opportunities and experiences – including travel! From my first encounter with RPP I felt it would provide the perfect creative environment to develop my skills and embrace the London lifestyle.